Brick Hotels

Important information


Thank you very much for your reservation and welcome to BRICK PALMA, your local spot to discover Palma!

BRICK PALMA Team wants to let you know some useful information about the property. Please read it carefully:

This is an autocheck-in style property. When you arrive to the property’s front entrance, you will need to dial the code 1983# on the pad (left side on the main door) to get in. After that, you just need to follow the instructions that you will receive on the check-in day. In case of need, you can ask for assistance on the following telephone number: +34 620 513 207. This check-in service is available at any moment form 3PM on your check-in date.

Only card payments are accepted. We do not accept American Express.

All guests must bring their PASSPORT or European ID and register it.

You can request telephone assistance: +34 620 513 207 Only for emergencies: +34 686 977 960.

Please, when possible, inform us about your arrival time.

Check-out time: check-out must be completed before 11AM. Please, do not forget to leave your room card at the reception desk in the mailbox provided beside the main door exit.

BRICK PALMA provides a FREE luggage room service on the third floor, 24 hs available. You can leave your luggage here before check-in, and also after check-out. You just need to choose the locker that fits best with your luggage and close it using the key given. You have to keep the key with you and when you return leave it in place with the door open.

In case you lose the key you will have to contact us to our emergency phone number +34 620 513 207 and the penalty will be of 50€.

Before check-in and also after check-out you have a full courtesy bathroom ready for guests on floor 3.

All rooms are equipped with a safe and it is free of charge. Please, use it to keep your valuable belongings.

This is a non-smoking property. All rooms and common areas are equipped with smoke detectors. There is a penalty fee of 50€ in case smoking is detected.

Parties, events or excessive noise are not allowed at the property at any time and specially from 11PM to 8AM.

The property is CCTV equipped for your security.

That’s all from our side! Now it is time for you to enjoy your stay. Feel free to get in touch for anything we can assist you with!

We are so happy to have you soon with us!